Sunday, April 15, 2007

Moving Scams - Something Every Realtor Should Know

How many times has your mover taken unfair advantage of you? Moving you across the country for one estimated fee and before the personal affects and moving items are delivered to your door they call and tell you your bill is almost twice as what they originally estimated?

Every Realtor that has a buyer or seller that moves in-state should know this.

The department of weights and measures believe it or not can help.

Here's how:

1. For example: When the moving van and truck driver call you and let you know they will be arriving in town and that you should have a cashiers check with close to twice the amount originally estimated - cooperate, be patient, and get the cashiers check for the additional amount. Encourage them to meet you when they say they'll be there, but don't be surprised if they show up 4-8 hours later.

2. Call the department of weights and measures, let them know what has occurred.

3. Tell them the moving people want more money than they originally estimated. They'll come and meet the truck driver when he finally arrives. They'll have the truck driver and his load weighed and then return to your property.

4. When they unload the truck and re-weigh the truck to see if the difference is really what they claim it to be, if it is not, the department of weights and measures will have the police standing by and either the truck driver will cooperate and reduce the fee or they will be instructed to arrest the truck driver for fraud.

Did you know this? Share your thoughts with me.